Safety Vendors/Resources

This page is dedicated to co-workers, friends, and other professionals I have worked with who I know will offer great service, quality product, and accurate information.

Safety Vendors:

OEL Sales: Supplier of Arc Flash equipment and training

Alliance Safety: Supplier of safety equipment (specialize in gloves, safety glasses, and other forms of PPE)

Essential Safety Products (ESP): Supplier of safety equipment, service and training (specialize in fall protection, gas detection, respiratory protection)  

Safety Manufacturers:

Capital Safety (DBI/SALA): Fall Protection Equipment
FallTech: Fall Protection Equipment
UltraSafe: Fall Protection Equipment
Bradley: Eye Wash Equipment

Safety Resources:

ASSE: American Society of Safety Engineers global homepage.
Southern Colorado ASSE
:  American Society of Safety Engineers Southern Colorado Chapter homepage. Servicing southern Colorado safety professionals.
Southern Colorado ASSE Blog:
AGC Colorado: Associated General Contractors of Colorado
IECRM: Independent Electrical Contractors; Rocky Mountain Chapter


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