Speak Up for Safety

Have you ever driven by a safety hazard and told yourself “wish I could do something about that”? Well why not? I was driving by a house in my neighborhood and saw these painters misusing ladders and exposing themselves to fall hazards. I pulled over and my son (who is 14 and knows I am not afraid to say something to total strangers) said “are you going to go do something and do your job?”…which is funny that he thinks I am responsible for the safety of the entire planet…I walked across the street and introduced myself to the person on the ground. I mentioned that I was a safety professional and was concerned about their safety. After a quick summary of the OSHA regulations and potential citations, the guy seemed truly concerned and willing to make the situation better. I left my business card and stated that I would be willing to offer additional assistance if he needed. I believe that it is my responsibility, as a professional safety person, to address safety hazards and work to protect people in any situation where I am able. I hope I made an impact in these workers lives, or at least got them to think about safety on the job. I know I cannot solve all the world’s problems, but perhaps I can impact the life of just one person. If I can do that, then my life has purpose.



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