Stepping Up

As a safety professional, do you take the time and make the effort to step up to protect others from harm?

I pulled up to a Dairy Queen location to satisfy a craving for soft serve and came across the following issue. I was so disturbed and taken aback by the situation that I had to pull out of the drive through and park. The safety of contractor and his employees were more important than my need for sweet creamy, ice-cold goodness.

When I pulled up there was an employee standing on the scaffolding (scaffolding pictured below) installing some new sheeting to the roof. This employee was a big man and positioned rather precariously. The scaffolding was completely unstable and just waiting for the opportune moment to tip over.

As I approached, I introduced myself as a concerned safety professional and stated that I wanted to help them prevent an accident from happening. I proceeded to educate them as to the various issues that I could see and how these could severely impact the health of everyone involved as well as the schedule and profitability of the job. Not one employee was aware of any wrongdoing and oblivious to proper scaffolding set-up and fall protection hazards. After spending a few minutes with the contractor, I proceeded to get back in line to get my delectable dessert.

As I pulled up to the drive through window I spoke to the manager on duty and told him of the situation with his contractor. I even gave him my contact information and told him to let the owners know they could call me with any questions.

I did what I could and hope that I made an impact on how they do business. All I can do is stop and try to help, but I cannot consciously ignore the situation and walk on by. I hope all of you have the courage and tenacity to step-up and speak-up when necessary.




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