Effective Safety Training

What does your safety training program look like? Is it all lecture, power point, hands on, or a combination of multiple methods? As adults, we learn through experience and as a facilitator of training I look to find ways to create new experiences. During my OSHA 10 hour classes I find ways to make the material engaging and full of hands on exercises and props.

Some of the activities include:
•having the students compete to see who can put on a fall protection harness the quickest and the correct way
•giving the students a scenario and a table of PPE ad having them decide what PPE is required and telling me why they made those choices
•giving students some ear plugs and telling them to put them in and then having the class tell me if they are in right (only ever had one employee do it right the first time)
Regardless of what you do, the trick is to get them involved and engaged in the process. So next time you conduct a training look at your method of delivery and ask yourself “how can I make this material exciting and engaging”.


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