Safety Mistakes in National Publications

One thing that really sets me off is the display of poor safety behaviors in photos accompanying articles in national publications. I was reading the March 5th, 2012 edition of SI Golf and came across an article talking about what it takes to produce a golf tournament broadcast. The photo below is being used to describe workers constructing a camera tower platform to gain a better vantage point of the match. I’m sorry but this photo is telling people that this is the proper way to construct scaffolding. Does anyone else have an issue with this photo?


I guess my issue is in the fact that often times the media sends out information that is wrong or miscommunicates proper procedures with no regard as to the impact it may have on the receiving end. I see it all the time. So when you look at press releases or marketing materials your organization is sending out, ensure that the graphics are accurate and depict good safety practices. Train all your employees in safety and awareness (this includes office staff as well as field staff). If your marketing department doesn’t have at least a basic understanding of safe work practices, they could be making your job all the more difficult.

Just as a note I have seen OSHA inspectors pull up on a jobsite as a result of a flyer or photo they saw in the paper or received in the mail.


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