Safety Photo for March 2012

I love the ignorance of people sometimes (it’s why I have a job). Here is a retailer looking to promote some heavy duty construction clothing to potential customers. They want to illustrate that this clothing will hold up to extreme wear by construction personnel. I get this mentality, makes good marketing sense. Let’s show a person wearing our clothing while working on a frame building. However, they are also illustrating the fact that their climbing harness (for rock climbing) is adequate for use while performing this kind of work and sending the wrong message to those same customers. I get that they were probably trying to find a way to secure the mannequin to the structure, but they inadvertently (or perhaps it was a conscious thought) that climbing equipment is approved as fall protection in the construction trade. I guess my point is that I wish people would think before they act and consult some good professional advice if they have questions. This just irks me because of the mixed message and the improper use of equipment NOT designed for this type of use.



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