OSHA Updates and News

OSHA announces the winners of the “Picture It: Safe Workplaces for Everyone” photo contest. This was a great opportunity for people all over the world to submit photos of safety in the workplace. It is nice to see OSHA taking an interest in the people and looking at our interpretation of safety in our daily lives. If you have not had an opportunity to look at all of the submissions, check them out. There are a lot of really good photos in this collection.

During this time of the year, retail establishments are bombarded with crowds and chaos. How do you protect your workers from the hordes of shoppers that are looking for those last-minute deals and sales? OSHA has created some tools and information to help employers manage crowds and improve the safety and health of their workers.

OSHA also issues guidance on single-pice and multi-piece rim wheels for those industries that service and repair tires. For those of you who are not familiar with this industry, this is a huge hazard that results in some serious and fatal incidents every year.

How do you utilize the data and statistics available on the OSHA/DOL websites? There is a lot of good information on these sites if you know where to look. Using stats and integrating them into your training and communication can help to re-enforce your message to your employees. The following are some links to some of my favorite sections:


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