Safety Photo for December 2011

This is not one of those “WOW that’s really bad” moments, but it does warrant some discussion. The following are just a few questions to get the safety/compliance juices flowing.

Questions to ask:

  • How does a competent person perform a quality inspection of the scaffolding when the feet and other parts of the structure are covered in snow?
  • Is my housekeeping really that good if I see lumps in the snow?
  • How do I know what hazards may/may not exist if they are buried under the fluffy white stuff?
  • How am I heating the building and do I now need to worry about noxious gases building up? Air monitoring?
  • Are we now operating gas-powered equipment inside since it is too cold to go outside?
  • What does my access/egress look like? Do I have clear means of entry and exit that are free of ice and snow?
  • What condition are my extension cords in now that they are covered in snow/ice and buried under all that stuff?
  • Are my employees still staying hydrated? Even though it is snowy and cold does not mean that they will not get dehydrated.
  • Are we going to allow employees to work off of the scaffold if all of the planking is icy and covered with snow?

You get the point. I’m sure you can come up with a bunch more questions to ask yourself with regards  to these types of conditions. Feel free to post your comments if you have some you would like to share.


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