5 Commonly Overlooked Warehouse Safety Hazards – Part 5

5 Commonly Overlooked Warehouse Safety Hazards

–Philip J Reed, on behalf of HP Spartacote

Make sure all employees are trained in the proper use of their equipment. Require all forklift drivers and other users of heavy equipment to take regular refresher courses to make sure their techniques aren’t slipping, and also observe them periodically to ensure that they are not cutting corners.  Poor safety practices become habits over time, so catch them while they are developing, and don’t let them become “the way things are done around here.”  Of course, regular and proper maintenance is also needed to keep equipment safe; even the safest operator in the world is in serious danger if his machine fails. Encourage employees to report any malfunctions immediately, and see to it that these reports are taken seriously and correctly followed up on.

By taking precautions to reduce the dangers posed by these and other risks, you can greatly reduce the number and severity of accidents in your warehouse. Start implementing procedures immediately to make the area safer, and to keep everything running smoothly.


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