5 Commonly Overlooked Warehouse Safety Hazards – Part 1

This post came to me from Phillip Reed. This is the first part of a five part article relating to warehouse safety.

5 Commonly Overlooked Warehouse Safety Hazards

–Philip J Reed, on behalf of HP Spartacote

Without question, safety should be the primary concern for proper warehouse operation.  One might think the main concern should be financial, but without proper safety mechanisms in place to prevent damage, injury and efficiency issues, any given company’s financial model will suffer anyway.  Safety does not come second; safety should come first, and always.

As a result, we’ve compiled a list of five all-too-frequently overlooked warehouse safety hazards, and we’ve included suggestions for reducing the risks.  We’d love to hear any additional comments or suggestions you might have as well. 

Depending upon the specific warehouse in question, it’s likely to be full of operational forklifts, loading and sorting equipment, or even just simple dollies.  Whatever the level of technology and activity in the warehouse, though, one of the most important things is for the warehouse crew to be both aware and alert at all times.  They need to know not only what’s happening around them, but what’s happening on the other side of the warehouse.  Nobody should turn a corner to find themselves face-to-face with a forklift unexpectedly rolling towards them, and nobody should be carelessly stepping backward at any point.  The dangers are very real, and employees need to be aware.  One easy way to keep them aware of the danger is to employ “zebra stripes,” or other visual demarcations of potentially hazardous areas, but let it be said:  there is no substitute for awareness.


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