Safety Photo for August 2011

Forklifts…we use them every day during our operations, we have qualified operators who have been through training, we perform our routine maintenance inspections, and we keep them in good working order. So what is the problem with this photo? As I was standing there talking to my client, their forklift operator (who had been driving a lift for years and was very well competent) pulled up and parked the lift just as you see it. Of all the places, and of all the times, to park the lift with the fork tines not laid flat upon the ground. Once he parked the lift, he hurriedly scooted off and went to work on something else. He was not even buckled or fully stopped when he came out of the seat. As I stated, this was a seasoned operator…so what is the issue? Are we re-training our ‘seasoned’ operators in proper forklift practice on a regular basis? Is management working to hold employees  accountable for their actions? Does our company have a true ‘safety culture’ where this type of behavior is not tolerated? Where does the fault lay? Look at your programs and efforts and judge for yourself.

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