Safety Photo for June 2011

My oh my, where does time go? I can not believe it is already nearly July. I was slacking on getting this photo posted, but here it is.

This was an entry way, of a client of mine, into their warehouse. These steps were frequently used (actually they were the primary way into the building) by employees and customers alike. Now their comment was that the since they did not own the building, the property owner was responsible but not willing to take any action. They tried to stabilize the concrete by welding steel beams under the slab, but the concrete was just plain falling apart. The railing was an accident waiting to happen. If leaned on it to hard the whole thing was ready to dump you over.

Well from my point of view, I do not care who’s responsiblity it is, this needs to be fixed. The liability of potentially hurting an employee, or heaven forbid a customer, is not worth the risk. Regardless of who is paying for what, do not let these types of situations go on.


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