Safety Photo for March 2011

Where is my safety monitor?


This is one OSHA regulation I never fully understood or agreed with. The use of a safety monitor for roofing workers. The key to this regulation is that the safety monitor is supposed to observe and communicate with the other workers when they are in potential danger from falling off of the roof. However this contractor’s safety monitor just happened to also be the lead foreman for the crew and was on the ground on the other side of the building. I guess without someone to say ‘hey, watch out’ this guy backed right up to the edge of the roof. Sad thing is, the guy in the light blue shirt did nothing to help protect his co-worker. He did not even see a safety issue with the situation when I asked him about it.


OSHA 1926.502 (Fall Protection-Systems Criteria and Practices) Subpart M, 1926.502 (h) – safety monitor system

Please feel free to use the photos in these posts. These photos are from my personal library and I am willing to let you use them in your trainings, presentations, toolbox talks, etc. That is what our profession is all about, sharing and expanding knowledge. I wish you all well…stay safe.


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