Safety Photo for February 2011

He knew Better!

Looking at this photo, I am amazed at just how often we see the misuse of ladders in construction and general industry.

I am the type of person that will share my knowledge and try to keep people safe, even if they are complete strangers. This person did not work for me, he did not know me, and probably wish I never came around. I observed him using the ladder wrong for a few minutes and then went over to talk to the guy. I asked him if he was doing ok and if he knew that there was a right was and a wrong way to use a ladder. He started spouting OSHA regs (however wrong he was about them) and told me he did know about ladder usage and that he knew he was using this one improperly. I asked him if he had a bigger ladder and he said he did indeed have one on the truck but was in a hurry and just grabbed this one. I told him I was just looking out for his best interest and thought he should grab the other ladder and do it right (for his sake, not mine).

It still amazes me that people know the right way and what they should do, but still they take the shortcuts and do things that could potentially harm themselves. So if you see something out there that is not right, and you have an opportunity to do something about it…I challenge you to stop and say something that could potentially save that person’s life.

Resources: – American Ladder Institute; – Construction Ladder eTool (OSHA); – Stairways and Ladders (OSHA Booklet); – Werner Ladder Safety Training


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