Safety Photo for January 2011

I am not sure if this truck mounted lift is legal or not, I saw it at a gas station one morning and decided to take a photo. My concern is that there are no outriggers on the vehicle for stability. If anyone has any comments, I would love to hear them.

My word of caution is that even if you purchase and install a piece of equipment, are you doing it according to the mfg instructions and are you operating it accordingly? I see people having the right intentions, but the wrong implementation. Use your head and do things right.

Is this a legal lift?


One response to “Safety Photo for January 2011

  1. Tricky one…good photo! Obviously, one would hope that this organization would have had the lift installed by the manufacturer of “The Lift” or through an approved after market vendor and in accordance with the 1910.67 standards, incorporating ANSI A92. I can tell you that within my organization, our trucks do not have outriggers, they incorporate levelers to stabilize the bucket truck. One thing I noticed, there are no wheel chocks being utilized on what one would consider an “incline” as defined in 1910.67. Ultimately, you are correct, an organization or individual should (or more likely shall) follow all the manufacturer’s requirements for any equipment use or installation. Stay safe my friend.

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