Saving money in this economy

I tend to be a practical safety guy. I try to not only think about the safety of my employees, but of the company performance as well. Let’s face it in this economy, it is all about trying to save some dough. If you are like most organizations, budget cuts and cost reductions often take place in the safety department first. One way to maintain your performance and your commitment is to find ways to do with less, or find options to do with different.
Let me explain…say you are going through a bunch of safety glasses with your employees. One probable cause is that the employees do not like the type of safety glass and therefore do not care about maintaining them. So instead of a pair of safety glasses lasting more than a few weeks, they are only lasting a few days. Now you could have your employees start paying for replacements, but I have a better idea…ask your vendors for some samples of new styles to offer to your employees. Many of the new safety glasses coming out are not only more fashionable, but cost just as much or less than you are currently paying now. So instead of providing compliant glasses, now you can provide fashionable glasses that the employees are more likely to take care of.
Another way to maintain your safety incentive program is to make your program based on ‘catching someone in the act’ instead of performance for all employees/teams/crews/etc. By focusing your acknowledgement of good behavior to a few individuals instead of the entire company, you can reduce the expenditure of the program. If you are still finding it hard to purchase ‘goodies’ to give away, then look to your vendors for free samples and shwag. Your incentives do not have to cost a lot but as long as the recognition is sincere, then you have acomplished your goals.
I hope I have given you a few good ideas to reduce costs. If you have more, please share them with me and all who read this blog.

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