Donnie’s Accident

If you have not seen this, check it out. A great story to use and share with your employees or use in your training. ARC Flash is a serious issue, don’t let these types of injuries happen to people you know.

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  2. Hello! My name is Donnie Johnson. My wife and I made a video a few years ago called “Donnie’s Accident”. I have a new website. I have had numerous requests on You Tube and other sites for copies of my video from safety directors. They use it for their safety programs. So I made a website! I use the video during my ‘work safety’ presentations when I speak at events, businesses and organizations. You can watch or download the video and read the full story of my ‘experience’ here. I’m not charging anything; this site is meant to help promote safety awareness by sharing my experience before during and after an electrical “Arc Blast” accident as well as reminding us what can happen if we don’t follow our safety procedures.

    Please feel free to share the link.

    You can contact me at:
    or the “Comments or Questions” box on the website.

    • Thank you for sharing this amazing story with us all. You and your wife are amazing people to have come so far after something so life-changing. Many people may have quit or lost hope after an incident like the one you experienced, but you have persevered. I salute you and your family for making this experience something to live and learn from. Thank you.

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